May 08, 2021 Latest News

  • Ragnar yacht won Ocean Awards Yacht of the year
  • Ragnar is pleased to announce its recent win of the Ocean Awards Yacht of the Year for the commitment to ocean conservation. It`s a prestigious award given to private vessels, their owners, and/or crew that have actively helped enhance the health of the ocean.
  • By Ragnar
  • THT Announces New Kids Sewing Kits
  • TeensyHumanThreads has just released new DIY sewing kits for children. These kits promote creativity and thought process, and honing in on fine motor skills. Each kit contains everything you need to make a stuffed monster, from felt to stuffing, and a unique, originally designed pattern to follow.
  • By Teensyhumanthreads
  • Georgia Set to Save Money and Lives on May 12
  • Georgia may approve a new Automatic Fire Suppression System that will save the state 100s of thousands of dollars. Georgia puts Automatic Fire Suppression on all special needs school buses. Georgia began putting these on to protect special needs children before the NTSB recommendations in 2019.
  • By Firegator