March 05, 2008 Latest News

  • Biniki The Butt Bra Debuts On The Rachael Ray Show This Month
  • Here is the behind the scenes story: Breasts have had the benefit of weight support for over one hundred years. Since then, no one has created a like type support system for the derriere. Until now. Biniki is a stand alone item. Throng -- because the thong is wrong - covers the lower front of the body and the crotch area too. Maniki is designed for men's support, comfort and backlift
  • By Karinart, Inc. Karin Hart, Ph.d.
  • 5LINX Joins Inc 500's Fastest Growing Telecommunications Company!
  • Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the future of the communications industry and quoted as the "biggest paradigm shift in the history of modern communications." The Largest Transfer of Wealth Ever in American Business will change the way we communicate worldwide! The telephone service industry is currently a 750 Billion Dollar industry and we are enhancing it with Video Phone service.
  • By Ricardo M. Razon Iii
  • From Global Trekker To Extreme Adventurer
  • Extreme adventures are activities that are perceived as having a high level of danger or difficulty, involving one or more of the following: speed, height, specialized gear or extending beyond the common level of physical exertion.
  • By Arbor Books