February 27, 2016 Latest News

  • Kairos Technologies Inc Joins Box Partner Network
  • DALLAS, Feb. 25, 2016 /PRNewswire/ - Kairos Technologies Inc, a Dallas-based global cloud solutions provider, today announced that it has joined The Box Partner Program, a network of systems integrators (SIs) and consultants. Box is a market leader and innovator in the enterprise content collaboration space.
  • By Kairos Technologies
  • Tragedy Turned Triumph in West Virginia
  • Homelessness is a huge crisis in this country due to job loss, unemployment, illness and unexpected deaths. There are over 100 tent communities, and that number continues to grow yearly, throughout the United States.
  • By Northern Books
  • Inspiring book changes lives
  • The author's personal journey is life altering and will touch your soul in ways words inadequately describe. This is an incredibly POWERFUL testimony to the love, grace, mercy and forgiveness that will unlock one's heart and eyes to the truth like never before.
  • By Northern Books