February 03, 2024 Latest News

  • RapidoForm Enhances Survey Engagement with Audio and Video Integration
  • RapidoForm, the dynamic form builder tool, introduces a groundbreaking feature to elevate survey engagement: Audio and Video Integration. This innovative capability allows users to incorporate multimedia elements seamlessly into their surveys, opening new possibilities for market researchers, educators, and businesses seeking interactive and insightful feedback.
  • By Rapidoform
  • Finest SAP Partners In India
  • Bizx Technologies is the top SAP Partners in India. SAP Partner Companies is a global network of businesses that offer various services and solutions to support clients in setting up, running, and optimizing their SAP S/4HANA systems.
  • By Finest Sap Partners In India
  • PFC Club Launches Innovative Health and Fitness Platforms in 2024
  • PFC Club introduces innovative health and fitness platforms in 2024, offering personalized online and offline training programs, expert nutrition advice, and a vibrant community. With a focus on personalized fitness and nutrition plans, diverse training options, uncomplicated nutrition, and effective workouts, PFC Club aims to empower individuals to achieve their fitness goals seamlessly. Support
  • By Pfc Club