January 23, 2016 Latest News

  • EB-5 Program Extension a Sign of Changes to Come
  • Recently President Obama and Congress passed a year-end "Omnibus" bill. Included within this $1.1 trillion bill was a 10 month extension to the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program while the US government continues to review the program and its shortcomings. This George & Company report focus on what changes are likely, what it means for investors, and working with local business brokers avoid fraud.
  • By George And Company 
  • Ejuicevapery Launches New Website
  • Ejuicevapery is pleased to announce they have launched a new website designed to provide smokers with access to all the vaping materials they need. This new online store provides the products new vapers need to get started, as well as all the materials experienced vapers need to continue.
  • By Ejuicevapery
  • Art of Success Seminar held at NSG
  • Success Guru AK Mishra, who is popular amongst his audience all over the world for his motivational speeches and Life Transformational Training, motivated our National Security Guards in the Art of Success Seminar held at NSG, Manesar, on 19th Jan 2016.
  • By Ak Mishra Art Of Success