January 14, 2015 Latest News

  • Military Benefit Assn Supports Natl Guard Exec Dir Assn
  • The Military Benefit Assn, a not-for-profit organization with one clear mission: to make quality life insurance affordable for everyone. MBA remains true to that mission and is pleased to support the Natl Guard Exec Directors Assn Annual Meeting in Nashville, Tenn. The National Guard Executive Directors have a significant responsibility and we want to support them said Roy L. Gibson, MBA Pres.
  • By Military Benefit Association  
  • Athena Ashton's topical new play 'The Missionary Position!!' to be staged in India
  • With the raging debates over conversions happening all across the country, a group of British-Indians are presenting a creative interpretation of religion and spirituality against the backdrop of turbulent socio-political times in India. The play is directed by a young British director Samantha Rowe who has studied Sanskrit and Yoga. It has a large and brilliant British, Indian and African caste.
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  • Arnaud Saint Paul Links the Digital World and Physical World with Smartsy
  • Using smartphones, consumers can now interact with the world in brand new ways. Thanks to Smartsy, magazine readers and consumers in general can snap a picture of whatever they are interested in, be it a top fashion magazine, a can of Coke or a Louis Vuitton bag, and engage with the product, interact with the brand in real time and also purchase it.
  • By Smartsy Corp