January 04, 2023 Latest News

  • SunTec India Ranked among the Top 10 Mobile Development Companies in 2023
  • Business Firms featured SunTec India in its recently released list of top 10 mobile development companies. SunTec India is a mobile application development company with 20+ years of experience in the outsourcing industry and a proven track record of providing complete web and mobile development solutions for different businesses.
  • By Suntecindia
  • Benchmark CNC Acquired by PartsBadger
  • PartsBadger, LLC, an online machine shop has acquired Benchmark CNC, LLC. The strategic acquisition will increase manufacturing capacity and provide synergistic growth for both customer bases.
  • By Partsbadger
  • CyboEnergy Introduces Patented Battery-Less Off-Grid Solar EV Charging Solution
  • CyboEnergy is introducing a battery-less off-grid solar EV charging solution. It can start and run EV chargers 24/7 with consistent performance under solar and load variations. Unique features and benefits include: (1) distributed power system design, (2) scalable and modular with multiple sub-systems, (3) “plug-and-play” installation, and (4) lowest in cost and maintenance with no batteries.
  • By Cybosoft