“Under the Roman Sky” by G. W. Hixon is published

Top Quote An exceptional fantasy novel involving God and the Devil. End Quote
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    “Under the Roman Sky” by G. W. Hixon is published
    An exceptional fantasy novel involving God and the Devil

    About the Book:
    God and the Devil have decided to meet again at last, but to do so they must each take human form again. Rome will form the perfect backdrop to their summit.

    So an Englishman who has lost his mind; an American couple with death on their minds; a young Argentinian man with living on his mind; a megastar songstress with trouble on her mind; a grouchy priest with too much on his mind ... and a dog called Walter, are fated to meet, under the Roman sky.

    This is not a who done it. This is a who the hell are they?

    About the Author:
    G W Hixon lives in Ripon, North Yorkshire, England. He has recently returned to his home town after having spent 20 years living mainly in the South East of England and latterly on the Yorkshire coast. He has a strong interest in theology, particularly why people chose to believe in the things they do. He is also passionate about ancient Roman history, being a regular visitor to the city of Rome. That city, along with the hills and vales of his native Yorkshire, heavily influence his writing.

    Excerpt from the book:
    “The Devil makes work for idle hands,” God said, quietly, mischievously, whilst starting to chuckle.
    It caused the Devil to laugh out loud. “That is what they say, isn’t it? But the sentiment has always been quite wrong, old man. We have, you and I, all of the time in the world.”
    “We have, indeed,” God replied.
    “If only they knew it,” said the Devil.
    For the first time, they laughed together and not at one another. For the first time, they shared the irony that formed the joke at which they were forced to laugh. But spite and envy tainted the sound of the Devil’s laughter.
    “And now I turn the question on you, dear friend,” God said, as his spirit calmed. “Why him? Why then? Why, inside that house, when all else was good? Why him?”
    “Because you loved him,” the Devil replied. “And I knew that you loved him.”
    “I did,” God said, subdued and sad. It is a funny thing, how sadness can befall someone so soon after they had been committed to laughter. “He had been my friend. He had been my friend for years. Someone who had been kind to me.”
    “Then that is why him.”
    “The woman had anointed my feet with her oil, that’s all she did.”
    “You were in love with her!”
    “It was not possible for me to fall in love. I am love.” Angry, now. The sound of laughter a memory.
    “Lust, then. You were in lust with her. You wanted to experience … that … above everything else.” Anger, indeed, from both participants.
    “No, you are – were — wrong.”

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