“Transformation: The Hidden Mystery” by Ewanga Sakwe is published

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    “Transformation: The Hidden Mystery” by Ewanga Sakwe

    About the book:
    An incredible and fascinating journey of young Kenzie who was indoctrinated to maintain his aristocratic childhood. He was brainwashed by his friends, and accordingly, he became an active gang member with extremist ideology.

    He inherited much wealth from his parents and grandparents, and he happened to set up successful multimillion companies. Family feuds ripped them apart when his only daughter, Anna defied his philosophies, failed to boss his companies and had a child out of wedlock.

    Tormented by succession of calamities, he’s determined to keep up the dogma that had brought him too much pain. Thus, he made an advanced directive to his attorney, a true reflection of his disturbed conscience.

    This novel is a fantastic and an inconceivable revolution.

    ‘Will Kenzie’s life experiences result to a transformation?’

    Excerpt from the book:
    “As we drove back home, I cuddled the teddy that was meant to be in my baby’s bed. Every so often, I would shrink with anger and burst into tears. What would I tell my boyfriend and Sophie? I cried continuously every day, lost appetite and lost two stones in weight. My parents could not take it anymore; they had to invite the psychologist to assess me and advise. I was thinking of ending it all; why should I live when my baby was gone? I’d lost all hope. I had a month session with the psychologist which helped to boost my self-esteem. Our home turned into a total mess, and my parents argued all the time. There were no family meals; we ate at different intervals and I had minimal interaction or communication with them.

    Even though my parents seemed to have grown apart, there was no sign that they were grieving for the loss of their only grandchild. They seemed to have their own issues that bothered them more than the lost child. I started having flashbacks of how they were not happy with my pregnancy and how they insisted that I should have an abortion. Dad never wanted me to marry somebody out of the aristocratic society, not to even think of a biracial child?

    Why did Dad disappear with the midwife for over two days and Mum did not make a fuss when he returned? I also remembered that they gave me a lot of support after our family doctor advised that it was impossible to abort a baby. Had they been acting? I wondered. Was there something they were hiding that I needed to know? Or was I just being paranoid?

    I spent most of my days in solace in my bedroom. One day I heard my parents arguing in their room, so I crept and stood at the door to listen to what they were saying.

    ‘Why did you do it?’ Mum asked.

    These words kept echoing in their arguments. ‘If not of your decision…,’ Dad retorted.

    I moved forward, I was going for the door handle to open it and confront them, but another force stopped me.

    Grr! They are all evil, I couldn’t understand what was going on. What were they planning to do to me next?

    I decided to disappear; I couldn’t bear the pain to live with them.”

    Amazon review:

    5.0 out of 5 stars You will not be disappointed as Kenzie fines peace after confession
    24 May 2018
    Format: Paperback|Verified Purchase
    Transformation: The Hidden Mystery

    Transformation: The Hidden Mystery depicts some disturbing experiences of brainwash extremism set in the 21st century.

    A gripping thriller set in the dark heart of Kenzie and his wife with devastating consequences, as their family was ripped apart. Missing, suicide and hidden mystery captivated this novel.

    Each chapter brings in a new headache that inspires one want to read through to the end. You will not be disappointed as Kenzie fines peace after confession, and yet there is a more shocking revelation beyond human imagination. It is a must read!

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