"The Revenge of B.B. Wolf" by Susan Ponting is published

Top Quote An imaginative sequel to the classic story of The Three Little Pigs. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) March 07, 2016 - "The Revenge of B.B. Wolf" by Susan Ponting, About the Book: This is the sequel to The Three Little Pigs. BB is the son of the Big Bad Wolf who was eaten by the third little pig. This tells of his attempts to get revenge on Percy, the surviving pig and his three sons. The second generation pigs and their partners leave home and go to live on houseboats in Hoggs' Bottom. Just like most brothers, the pigs have very different personalities. They are 'chalk' - Gothic/Hells Angels; 'chips' - in touch with their feminine-side and 'cheese' - mature and serious. BB is a lunatic, but there is comedy in his madness. Just like the playground bully, he doesn't actually have the respect of his pack. So, despite their elaborate disguises, BB and his pack of wolves fail to realise his plans. There is drama when the wolves, in their frustration, blow up a storm and then a tornado from the marina, almost wrecking two of the pigs' boats. Then, the plan to capture the third boat is uncovered when Granny, who was thought to be dead, unexpectedly returns and takes over, just in time. Black Cat and Robert the post rabbit show great courage when they discover and rescue Gerald and the colony of poisoned rats at the wolves' camp. The wolves are captured and then forced to blow the doors off the Sunny-Days-End-Here-Abattoir to save the animals awaiting slaughter. And finally, the thrilling animal liberation climax.

    Excerpt from the Book:
    "She sobbed, as BB held her tight. Dad had provided everything, while she was busy caring for her two men. Chubby, care free Vivien now grew thin and miserable and devoted her life to BB. He was spoilt rotten. No one liked BB, except his mum.

    BB knew that wolves eat pigs: not the other way around! That fat, smart, little pig had tricked his dad and he grew more hateful every day, vowing revenge on Percy and all pigs. He was obsessed and turned into a lonely bully who enjoyed tormenting everyone. All alone, he grew into a magnificent animal. His black and tan fur was silky smooth. His big eyes were a deep shade of brown. His pricked ears, with little tufts of black hair at their tips, were able to hear an animal breathing from 20 yards. His four huge paws had perfectly manicured claws, which he used to prod his victims before the kill: and his teeth, of course, were perfect.

    Now there was an even greater threat to village life - BB Wolf was a lunatic: a totally insane, paranoid killer with multiple personalities."

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