"The Aphrodisiac of Power" by Sir Oliver Popplewell is published

Top Quote A revealing book about the trappings of power and how those in power use it and abuse it. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) September 29, 2016 - "The Aphrodisiac of Power" by Sir Oliver Popplewell, ISBN #978-1786230218, About the Book: This book highlights how powerful people exercise that power. Politicians like Lloyd George and Gladstone, Kennedy and Clinton, Mussolini and Castro and Royalty like Edward VII and Edward VIII used it to attract women like butterflies to a flame. Sometimes they are newspaper magnates like the Harmsworths and Beaverbrook who tried dictating policy to Governments. Or con men like Bottomley and Maundy Gregory who used their power of persuasion to defraud greedy investors. Why do they do it? They all have an exaggerated self-belief in their own importance. For the predator, power is indeed, the ultimate aphrodisiac.

    Excerpt from the Book:
    "Politicians are not the only ones to commit adultery, but they are the ones which tend to attract public opprobrium and cause public scandal. Kings and presidents do the same. Their behaviour, like that of other people, has not changed over the decades. A. J. P. Taylor suggests that Gladstone had identified six previous Prime Ministers in the 19th century, who had been adulterers. Sexual appetites grow no less as the years go by and politicians still feel able to indulge in such activities, in the confident belief that they will not be discovered. In an age of instant communication and intrusive media interest, it is unlikely now, certainly in Britain where there are effectively no laws of privacy, that the love affairs of Asquith or Lloyd George, distinguished politicians and wartime Prime Ministers, would remain hidden from the general public for some fifty years. But it is not only politicians, or kings or presidents who want to exercise their power. Newspaper proprietors operate in a different field and use their power for a rather different reason. They not only want to increase the sales of their publications but they also want to use that power, both to make policy, and to influence events."

    Amazon review:
    5.0 out of 5 stars A telling book explaining how those in power use it to control others
    By Wordly Traveller on 16 Sept. 2016

    Excellent book about how the powerful use their power to make themselves seemingly invincible and more attractive.

    Interesting historical references which include a diverse range of well-known politicians, media magnates, and royals, all abusing power to their own self-centred ends.

    Well worth reading!

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