"Stung" by M. Schood is published

Top Quote Engrossing novel revealing a thin line between mental illness and spite. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) September 30, 2017 - ďStungĒ by M. Schood is published(ISBN #978-1785074868)About the Book: A young, intelligent, beautiful, ambitious, sexy, sassy woman with a highly paid salary, a spontaneous love life, a loyal circle of friends and a loving family...

    What more could you ask for? But, what makes a woman like this transform into a revengeful shadow of darkness consumed with spite, anger and hate?

    A path she never intended to walk but was left with no option...

    A bitter sting in the tail.

    An interesting turn of events; humour, sympathy, passion and drama rolled into one, with a twisted end... worth reading.

    Excerpt from the book:
    ďHave you ever wondered what it is like to be in the mind of somebody else? Can you imagine being diagnosed with an illness that categorises you as being mentally incapable, but knowing full well that the diagnosis is incorrect regardless of professional opinion?

    Thereís a difference between being ill and damn right spitefulÖ when will they learn? WHO- You may askÖ society.

    ďSo, dearest readers, thatís my story; told and written by moi. A recount of my life. The rise and fall, however you wish to see it, the fact remains that I was once like you, a normal free individual with the world as my oyster. Now ridden with jealously, hate, anger and spite Iíve been pushed to the limits, no fault of my own. Some would say Iím weak why I allow certain situations to spiral out of control but Iím not weak. I can confidently say that Iím the total opposite. Iíd describe myself, my qualities, as a strength, which has now brought me into the world of the sick or societies perception of the sick. I feel tainted and besmirched after being forced into this unforeseen category of injustice. What they all fail to realise is that there is a thin line between illness and spite, I donít even like to use the word spite- I see it as a capability.

    I may not physically be behind bars but I am locked up like a bird, day in and day out, and it has often made me contemplate the thought of the easy path of suicide, sweetly known as death, but this is something which requires great courage, and Iím not sure if have the will power to carry it out. Surely death would be better than the life Iím living now. Iím not afraid of death but I am afraid of being here, for time without being given the chance to really be me. Be me without pills, people with pathetic soothing and patronising voices in white coats and clipboards. Iím not a bad person, I was pushed. Who will hear my cry now? I may not have a custodial life sentence, but being categorised as being ill is a life sentence within itself, as I will forever be varnished with a stain that cannot be wipedÖ a record that will continue to play for life.

    If I have learnt anything from this experience, it is to be in role/character at all times. You have to be the opposite of a strong female, this way you wonít be tempted to sting those who are stupid enough to fall prey to you, and even better you wonít be caught because nobody would have thought you had it in you.

    My biggest regret is showing how capable I really am.Ē

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