"Servant of Darkness" by Paul Wilson is published

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  • (1888PressRelease) November 21, 2016 - "Servant of Darkness" by Paul Wilson, ISBN #978-1944156435, About the Book:
    The Elf
    Geldoril Shimmerfar, warrior monk, Commander of The Fists of Illistriel. His team has been decimated, but that is not the only loss he has to come to terms with.

    The Man
    Without memory, without purpose, the strong warrior Darl Miranor seeks the truth of himself only to open a wound more painful than any he has suffered before.

    The Girl
    Mixed blood runs in Tolaine Starstrider's veins, but so too does virulent sorcery. She struggles with each, trying to find balance without sacrificing one or the other.

    About the Author:
    Paul Wilson lives in Bridlington, England. Fascinated by dragons and knights, he got drawn into Games Workshop and Dungeons and Dragons before his teenage years and it is a hobby which he maintains to this day.

    Paul is an avid reader of fantasy novels by Salvatore, Weis and Hickman and Sir Terry Pratchett. Over the past two decades, The Runechild Saga has evolved into a trilogy and could be developed further, following the ongoing adventures of Tolaine Starstrider.

    Extract from the book:
    "The enemy was heading in a roughly straight path toward the hiding orcs, to pass between them and the tree with the spear beside it at a very tight angle. The orcs would be on their right side, the weapon just poking out from the undergrowth on their left. It was entirely possible that the spear's haft would be overlooked, mistaken for a branch broken off from the tree beside it. Since both man and elf seemed more interested in each other than anything else, Gorb was growing more confident that he had one less thing to worry about. Unfortunately, his enemies would pass very close to his hiding place.

    Gorb withdrew from his spy hole; were the elf's eyes keen enough to spot him watching them? Gorb didn't want to take the chance.

    The elf and the human drew ever closer, and all Gorb could do was hunker down and wait. He couldn't see them at all through the vegetation in front of him, but surely that meant they could not see him either. The human's footsteps were like those of a giant. They must be only a handful of paces away now. He could hear them both talking, deep in discussion. Neither voice betrayed any concern that orcs were about, but that could just be a ruse. The breeze shifted to push at Gorb's face, bringing with it the stink of the human's sweat and the elf's horrible flowery smell. Gorb's hand moved toward his axe, fingertips closing tightly about the finger-smoothed wood of its haft to lift it free of his belt. If there was going to be a fight it would be in the next second or two, and likely over a second or two after that.

    Gorb stopped breathing.

    The human's tread thudded past with no shout of warning, no call to arms. Both man and elf travelled by the hiding orcs and continued on into the forest."

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