"My Generation: How We Trashed Our Inheritance" by Paul Laxton is published

Top Quote A polemic about how the "Baby Boomers" have messed things up. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) April 15, 2016 - "My Generation: How We Trashed Our Inheritance" by Paul Laxton, About the Book: This book does not claim to be a fully researched history nor is it an autobiography or a memoir although personal experience is invoked at intervals to illustrate the narrative from a sometimes participant observer. It can more accurately be described as a polemic and at times the language is vitriolic for which I make no apology. I am genuinely angry as well as sad about how the educated elite of my generation, the baby boomers, have transformed our country for the worse.

    The first part of the book examines through the prism of my northern working class background our inheritance and the nature of the world in which we grew up and then takes the reader through the ascendancy of Mrs Thatcher, which is crucial in understanding what follows.

    The second part of the book begins with an analysis of what constitutes the political class and then examines thematically how the new establishment achieved, wasted and abused power at the expense of those they claimed to represent.

    The final part of the book optimistically entitled "Power to the People", argues how power can be reclaimed by the electorate from the arrogant political class which dominates our lives at home and in Europe which has systematically conspired to subvert our once vibrant democracy and destroy our national sovereignty.

    Amazon review of this book:
    "This is a long and very comprehensive view of how the Author believes that we "Baby Boomers" have left our children and grandchildren in a pretty awful mess.

    Each of its 20 Chapters takes elements of Political, Social, and Economic policy, over the last 70 years or so, and argues that the long term effect of these policies has created serious problems for the future. Not only for our financial and social welfare but also for our moral welfare.

    The Author's political views are clearly stated throughout and he is no more complimentary to his own allegiances than he is to any Opposition. He is frank to the point of bluntness about who he sees as the Architects of these problems on both the left and the right.

    He is no kinder about any other group in Society who he feels needs chastising, Trade Unions, Feminism are but two which stick in the mind.

    His research into historical political and social history of the time is impressive or he has an incredibly good memory for such things, and his arguments, whether you agree or disagree, are well put and in some cases food for thought. I can say many would find them very persuasive.

    Although I can't say I agree with all his arguments, the book is well-written, gives a clear analysis of each subject and challenges the reader to see things his way.

    I recommend anyone to read the book and feel there is not a great deal more I can say without going into a deep analysis of each chapter or theory which would mean my review would be as long as the book. I suggest you would not be likely to read it cover to cover in one go but each chapter is an interesting and informative read."

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