"Islamasizing America" Former Middle East TV Correspondent G. Scott McGregor Says Americans Must Be Wary of the Fake-Out By Radical Islamists.

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  • Washington, DC-MD-VA-WV (1888PressRelease) August 25, 2010 - G. Scott McGregor, Author of Eyewitness To Evil

    A lie will always be a lie, but in political correctness we change the labels. And if lying is part of your religious system, then deceiving the non-believer is the path to victory. The strategy is as old as war, itself. Make the enemy think you're coming from one direction so they divert their forces and turn their heads. Then, hit them with the real attack. In sports we call it the fake-out. Fake the opponent in one direction, and when he shifts his body to defend, go in another direction for the goal.

    Islamasizing America is no different. Today's Islamic jihad is a system of governmental laws taken from a religion preaching violence in mosques and centers of Islamic study worldwide. There's no separation between mosques and state, so it violates our First Amendment. Furthermore, the Islamic system of Sharia Law violates our Constitution and threatens to turn all non-Muslim Americans into second-class citizens.

    "Aren't they just seeking their right to worship?" you ask. Omar Ahmed answered that question. As Chairman of the Board for the Council on American Islamic Relations, he said, "Islam isn't in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. The Koran should be the highest authority in America." So, the real goal is the replacement of the U.S. Constitution with Sharia Law.

    Imam Abdul Rauf of the ground zero mosque even said as much in an Arabic language interview to Hadiyul-Islam May 26, 2010. In that interview English translators caught him saying, "It's clear that an Islamic state can be established in a democracy (like the United States). The important issue is to establish the fundamentals of Sharia."

    So, Imam Abdul Rauf says one thing in English to the unsuspecting American audience and calls for the overthrow of America in an Arabic interview to an Islamic publication. My fellow Americans, here we are at war with an Islamic jihad that seeks to overthrow the United States and an American citizen is actively aiding our enemy to accomplish their goal. Didn't we used to call this treason? But Imam Abdul Rauf smiles and in English to the na´ve American media calls it "bridge-building."

    Let's not be na´ve. The jihadis attacked us on 9/11 and they seek nothing less than the replacement of our Constitution with Sharia compliance. That's the Islamization of America, the conquest and legal dominion of the United States under Islam.

    In Spain for over five hundred years the city of Cordoba was the Islamic capital under Muslim dominion beginning in 766 AD. Isn't it curious that Imam Abdul Rauf heads up the "Cordoba Project" in New York City, and the mosque-community-center he seeks to build near Ground Zero will be called the "Cordoba House?" .... Checkmate...

    Do you hear the sounds of laughter America? It's the sound of derisive laughter throughout the Islamic world at the stupid Americans who believe the lies. The jihad just gave us the old head fake and we went for it. Now, "General" Abdul Rauf launches the real attack. The battle to overthrow our Constitution with Sharia compliance has begun. The real translation of his "bridge-building" is the chant of the jihad. "Death to America!"

    G. Scott McGregor is a former Middle East TV Correspondent and the author of Eyewitness To Evil. He recently discussed how Americans can stay vigilant against terrorists during a guest appearance on "The Armstrong Williams Show" on XM Satellite Radio.

    To interview G. Scott McGregor on the building of a Mosque at Ground Zero or to discuss how Radical Islamists view the world contact Tandi Wilder at She Got Game Media - 914-572-3671.

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