"Eat cookies. Lose weight. It's that simple". Says "Smart For Life". Boca Raton dentist asks how smart for life is that?

Top Quote Cookie mania has swept our country having people believe that processed foods are a smart and healthy adjunct to dieting. If you want to be smart for life, know the ingredients of the foods you eat. You are what you eat! End Quote
  • West Palm Beach-Boca Raton, FL (1888PressRelease) July 06, 2008 - Smart For life asks us to consume one cookie every two hours until dinner or anytime you are hungry. They also want you to eat a total of 10-12 ounces of lean protein for lunch and dinner. Eating two or more servings of meat a day increases the risk of suffering from a cluster of risk factors known as metabolic syndrome by 25 percent compared to those who had only two servings of meat a week. Andrew Weil M.D. says" Protein should be limited to 10-20% of your diet, and vegetable proteins (from beans and soybeans, for example) should be substituted for animal ones as often as possible." Smart for life says that 12 ounces a day of lean protien a day is good, then is 16 ounces better?

    One main finding was that animal compared to vegetable sources of protein seem to have a different effect on dying from heart disease," study author Dr. Linda E. Kelemen from the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine in Rochester, Minnesota stated
    The cookie label reads whey protein. Whey protein typically comes in three major forms: concentrate, isolate and hydrolysate. The labelling is this regard does not distinguish which type. If they really want to be smart, why not consider rice protein which has a 98% correlation to Mothers Milk. They have fish oil of unknown source or potential toxicity and fractioned palm oil. "Organic, minimally processed palm oil is the healthiest, followed by conventionally processed palm oil. Palm kernel oil is less healthy still, and fractionated palm oil is the least desirable."( what is fractioned palm oil anyway?)

    Another ingredient that raises question is the invert sugar. This is a processing technique that splits each sucrose disaccharide molecule into its component glucose and fructose . So why is this their choice as a sweetener? Is it that healthy? And again we must look at the ingredient hydrolyzed collagen. Commercially it is derived from either fish (marine sources), beef (bovine sources), or pig (porcine sources). I do not want to eat pig protein, minimally I would like to know where the protein comes. All in All, a diet conscious consumer who chooses Smart For Life Cookies should carry a nutritional dictionary to know what he/she is consuming.

    Personally, I like whole foods that are not processed. I stay away from dairy and red meat. I drink plenty of water ( alkalized if available), green leafy vegetables, fruits and try to consume 92 minerals a day. Each individual is different in regards to the ratio of protein/carbohydrate/fat. Exercise, singing, dancing and life enhancing activities are all the ingredients necessary. I like cookies but if you want to be smart for life, know what you are eating.

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