Information and Guidelines for Press Releases

As one of the best press release wire services on the internet, we receive lots of press releases. Some of them are perfect, others could use major revision. Mistakes, however minor, can hurt your credibility as well as ours. Here are a few mistakes to avoid:

1. Lack of Content - A lot of press releases are not approved because they lack substantial or significant content. You don't want the press release to be too long, but a short one could leave out important news or facts. Try to stick to about 300 words. Find helpful hints here: tips to write press release.

2. All Upper Case Characters - Do not submit a press release in all upper case characters. The headline also shouldn't be in all upper case letters. We don't permit press releases or headlines written entirely in upper case characters.

3. Grammatical Mistakes - Even the best writers make grammatical errors. Proof read your release before submitting it.

4. Advertising - Don't write your press release like an advertisement. If we feel you are trying to sell your product rather than provide news, we can reject your press release.

5. Bad Formatting - On occasion, strange characters or bad formatting can creep into your press release during the submission (copy and paste) process. Make sure your press release is formatted as you intended and no strange characters are left in the copy.

6. Word Wrapping - We provide the editor, so let your sentences wrap naturally. Please do not place a hard carriage return at the end of each line. Include a carriage return only at the end of each paragraph.

7. Copyright and Violations - strictly forbids the use of copyrighted material in any manner that violates the copyright owner's rights. In cases where copyright is disputed, the disputed press release will be immediately removed without recourse or discussion, regardless of the arguments presented by the disputing parties. Authors should also know that there is noteworthy personal exposure if they are found in any violation of copyright laws. Individuals who violate copyright law are legally responsible and subject to probable fines.

   We look forward to a long and successful future as your partner in press release distribution over the internet.
I've never posted a testimonial before, but I felt it was time to say thanks to 1888 PressRelease for being such a very important part of our business. I am extremely happy to have found your company. I have been submitting press releases with 1888 PressRelease since January 2007 and I have found you to be my #1 preferred media release company. The personal and friendly assistance is second to none. No matter what the issue has been, especially being a neophyte to this form of PR, the courteous, expedient help has been there. We are a small, family-owned automobile dealership that has been in business since 1915. Increasingly, we are finding it more and more difficult trying to compete with the mega dealers who have unlimited advertising budgets. Well, when I’ve posted press releases through 1888 PressRelease, our news has been distributed all over the web to news sites, blogs, RSS feeds, etc. Our website traffic increases exponentially after a release and we get maximum online exposure because we use 1888 PressRelease. Our continued success will only grow in proportion to our ability to “get the word out.” Customer for life!
Jeanne Gartner
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