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  • Jenny Capri
  • Phone: 7023783386
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  • ZipHub blends state of the art internet and mobile app technology with the best of affiliate, affinity, and network marketing, to create customized information and sales hubs for its members. Whether you are a consumer, merchant, or charity, you will have your own personalized portal to send and receive the information you want in real time throughout the ZipHub network.
    The Merchant and Consumer Portals are unique features to ZipHub's "win-win-win" business model and are products of the aforementioned state of the art internet and mobile app technology.
    ZipHub membership is always free, and since it gives back to the members in the forms of donations, commissions, rebates, free trial offe
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  • Local Group Teams With Silicon Valley To Launch New Tech Company In Dallas Fort Worth
  • Headquartered in Sundance Square, Fort Worth, TX the online information hub and marketplace caters to an influential audience who lead all conversations on the latest discounts, promotions and flash sales.
  • "ZipHub has a revolutionary technology vision paired with a first class team that makes it a valuable partner for companies looking to expand in the o ...
  • May 06, 2015