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Zenosmosis Information
  • Jeremy Harris
  • 77 Wheeler Ridge Rd.
  • Phone: 7705190767
  • URL: http://www.zenosmosis.com
  • ZenOSmosis, a pre-startup organization for cloud management, which seems to be a little ahead of itself in all aspects, is making some astonishing claims in regards to who they are as a company and where the future may lead in terms of personal computing.
Zenosmosis Press Release -


  • ZenOSmosis Hybrid Cloud / JavaScript Virtual Machines Run Anywhere and Everywhere
  • ZenOSmosis is developing on the frontier of an emerging technology which enables cloud-based virtual machines to run as if they were installed natively on a user's computer without requiring additional software to run.
  • With the general adoption of emerging standards across modern day web browsers (HTML 5; recent versions of Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Google Chrom ...
  • February 16, 2012