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  • Ailyn
  • Mandaluyong city, Philippines
  • Phone: 330-6375
  • URL: http://www.zeenoh.com
  • March 2, 2011 - Zeenoh Games, a game development company that provides quality mobile applications, have released their first game, the Numvaders. It is an interactive educational game designed for iPhone.

    Zeenoh is a pure-Filipino game development company that aspires to create original, beautiful and exciting games that would make every Filipino proud. For more information, visit WWW.ZEENOH.COM
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  • Zeenoh launch it's 4th iOS game named Balloon Getaway
  • Zeenoh Games will be releasing it's 4th iOS game, inspired by its Filipino roots. Reminiscent of the war era and the Filipino heroes who fought their way through freedom, Balloon Getaway has been realized.
  • Balloon Getaway is enclosed in the period when people relied on the power that mechanical equipment brings, wherein wars were fueled by machines as so ...
  • May 12, 2012
  • Patintero Playtime for iOS - The spirit of the Filipino traditional game lives on
  • Every Filipino child knows Patintero by heart, as it is a fun street game that requires teamwork and agility. Zeenoh, in its third game, relives the Patintero spirit among the youth in its new iOS app entitled "Patintero".
  • True to its roots, Zeenoh designed this app to tap the hearts of Filipino children who has forgotten the joy of playing street games. Before the adven ...
  • November 24, 2011
  • Zeenoh launch its newest kid-friendly game for iPhone named Crazy Kite
  • Can't seem to find a fun and productive game for your child to play? Do war games put you off due to its extreme violence and bloodshed? Are you worn out by the intricacies of games that involve complex commands, incomprehensible quests and innumerable characters? No need to bother looking, Crazy Kite is here!
  • Zeenoh, a Philippine-based creator of mobile game applications launched its newest kid-friendly game: Crazy Kite! You don't have to worry about your c ...
  • July 05, 2011