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Z-apped Inc Information
  • Raul T. Cruz
  • Philippines UTC 8
  • Phone: ( 63) 9178169813
  • URL: http://z-apped.com/
  • Z-apped Inc was founded late July 2016 after our trip to Auckland, New Zealand and Sydney, Australia. Every time we travel overseas, we encounter this problem of finding places to eat, stores to buy some necessities and many more.
Z-apped Inc Press Release -


  • Find 'Em App helps to find nearby supermarkets, fast food chains, liquor stores, bakeries
  • Find 'Em app searches and navigates nearby (2km radius) restaurants, bars, fast food and many more around your location. Auto detect user location by GPS using wifi. Now works even without GPS, by detecting the mobile tower location, or by using Cellular Data as a last resort.
  • Technology is one of the biggest boons to mankind and has made life much simpler. Gone are the days when one had to walk around from street to street ...
  • November 29, 2016