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  • Veterinarian's 'My Pet Information Network' Joins With Celebrity Dog For Training Videos
  • Veterinarian in Fairfax, Virginia, teams up with celebrity Border Collie "Leroy" to allow My Pet Information Network subscribers to see first hand how to properly train their dog at home. Leroy has made television appearances on David Letterman, Animal Planet's Pet Star, and CBS reality show Greatest American Dog.
  • David Jackson, VMD, was searching for a unique way to show subscribers on his new website how to properly train their dog. After seeing Leroy, a Borde ...
  • November 11, 2010
  • Certified Pet Dog Trainer Joins Veterinary Blog Team
  • Dog Trainer in Fairfax, Virginia, has joined the staff of a popular veterinarian blog in order to bring the latest information on animal behavior and positive ways to communicate with your pet.
  • Fairfax, VA - Teresa Hanula CPDT, Certified Pet Dog Trainer, is the owner and head trainer at A Dog's World Dog Training & Pet Care, Inc. in Fairfax, ...
  • September 23, 2010