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Youngstown Lifeguard Academy Information
  • Hon Kevin A. Tarpley I
  • Phone: 3307749799
  • URL: https://www.ylasavelives.org
  • The Youngstown Lifeguard Academy is a workforce development program for at-risk and underserved youth and young adults who are interested in becoming professional lifeguards. They are trained in Leadership Development, Community Service and Community Service Planning, and Entrepreneurship. Young people have an opportunity to gain additional skills in Scuba Diving to prepare to serve on Search, Rescue and Recovery Teams and for those who wish to become Underwater Wielders or pursue other aquatic related careers.

    They have an opportunity to advise the Academy as members of the Guard Leadership Council and Academy Alumni Association members.
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  • Youngstown Lifeguard Academy Calls on Leaders to Develop Funding Plan for At-Risk and Underserved Youth After COVID-19
  • The Youngstown Lifeguard Academy Planning and Advisory Board is calling on local, state and Federal officials to set aside funds to support workforce development programs for young people who will lose their jobs and for those seeking employment in the aftermath of COVID - 19. Those who are most at-risk in turning to the streets and crime to meet their basic needs.
  • Promoting Our Growth

    Recovery Funding and Workforce Development Beyond COVID-19

    Youn ...
  • March 26, 2020