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  • Alex Lee
  • URL: http://www.XXBCbrand.com
  • XXBC (%u201Ctwenty b.c.%u201D) is a vintage-inspired streetwear brand out of New York City. Our clothing is heavily influenced by vintage fabrics, styles, and aesthetics.

    Created by Alex Lee and Will Thompson, XXBC captures an ideal of self-expression that we try to live by. Simply %u2014 be yourself. Without exceptions. Or to put it the XXBC way...

    %u201CWHEN IN ROME, DO YOU.%u2122%u201D
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  • XXBC Launches High-End Collection of Limited-Edition, Vintage-Inspired Streetwear
  • XXBC ("twenty b.c.") has released its first collection of handmade, vintage-inspired streetwear. Based in New York, the brand looks to add some originality to the high-end streetwear game.
  • XXBC ("twenty b.c.") has launched its high-end streetwear line with a limited number of unique, hand-sewn crewneck sweatshirts featuring accents in vi ...
  • July 12, 2012