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Xtreme Wash Gear Llc Information
  • Jerry Truelove
  • 5229 D N.W. 5th Street, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  • Phone: 405-949-9538
  • URL: http://www.xtremewashgear.com
  • Xtreme Wash Gear is owned by Jerry Trulove and Barry Broderson. With their 50 years of combined experience in engineering and car washing detail, they are dedicated to providing their clients with the highest quality equipment and the best customer service available.
Xtreme Wash Gear Llc Press Release -


  • Xtreme Wash Gear Announces Exciting New Project
  • Xtreme Wash Gear is a leader in the world of commercial pressure washers, fleet wash and large vehicle washing equipment. Located in Oklahoma City, they strive to provide their customers with only the best equipment available.
  • Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: Xtreme Wash Gear is pleased to announce their exciting new project. The company has been chosen to be part of the team workin ...
  • September 07, 2018