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  • John Smith
  • URL: http://www.xidasoft.com
  • Xidasoft is a company composed of Mac users creating Mac apps for the good of the Mac Community. Since 2004, Xidasoft has continually been producing quality applications for Mac OS and is currently working on increasing their scope to include iOS, as well.
Xidasoft Press Release -


  • Artist Corner Awards Summer Art Contest Winner with iPad Mini
  • To express gratitude to all supporters, Xidasoft launch the Summer Art Contest to win iPad mini. This is a perfect chance to display your talented drawing skill, rich imagination and win a free iPad mini.
  • In keeping with the summer holiday season, leading iPad drawing and sharing app - Artist Corner announced today the start of the surprisingly Summer A ...
  • August 03, 2013
  • Make unique style realistic masks on iPad - A Realistic Drawing Playground for kids on iPad
  • Xidasoft has now introduced a drawing and painting app for kids to create works of art with realistic look and feeling. With Artist Corner, kids are empowered to paint and make personalized masks of all kinds.
  • This innovative drawing and painting iPad app provides an excellent opportunity to help kids make creative and enjoyable masks. For most kids, masks a ...
  • February 25, 2013