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  • Krista Zevoteck
  • 115 River Rd, Suite 425
  • Phone: 201-496-6469
  • URL: http://www.wpdlr.com
  • WPDLR is a disrupter... A WordPress powered, easy to use "App-Like" plug & play platform. A platform focused on bottom of the funnel conversion to sales with content that displays properly across all devices. WPDLR has leveraged the power of hundreds of thousands of "open source" WordPress developers, freeing the dealer from dependency in legacy providers and their mismanagement of digital marketing budgets.
Wpdlr Press Release -


  • WPDLR takes on Las Vegas Digital Automotive Conferences October 2012
  • WPDLR to host events during the Driving Sales and Digital Dealer conferences to better promote the latest in dealer technology and Breast Cancer Awareness Month with the History Channel's 'Pawn Stars.'
  • WPDLR will make its official debut in Sin City in just three days at the Driving Sales Executive Summit and 13th Digital Dealer Conference & Expositio ...
  • October 19, 2012