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  • World Stem Cells, LLC offers advanced stem cell treatments for qualified patients at our facilities World Stem Cells Clinic, in Cancun. Our clinic and laboratory were designed, built and are operated under the stringent guidelines as established by The International Cellular Medical Society (ICMS) and the US Federal Drug Administration%u2019s Good Tissue Practice (cGTP)regulations for pharmaceutical, biologics and clinical laboratories. Our strict adherence to these established guidelines and policies guarantees the highest quality of clinical care and stem cell treatment safety for you.
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  • Another COPD Stem Cell Treatment Success
  • World Stem Cells, LLC patients are reporting successes and are providing testimonials of the benefits derived from stem cell treatments provided by World Stem Cell Clinic. The following is one such testimonial from Barbara D. after a stem cell treatment for COPD.
  • March 19, 2014
  • South African Artist Wins Two USA Awards
  • CMT stands for Charcot Marie Tooth neuromuscular disease which affects nerve conduction to muscles, causing fatigue, weakness in the extremities, pain, numbness and progressive muscle atrophy and disability.
  • September 05, 2012