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  • Jacalyn
  • 2950 NW 29th AVE STE, A679026 Portland,Oregon,
  • Phone: 15033884331
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  • World Mobile Coin (WMCC) is new cryptocurrency. Looking for crowdfunding and investor for this great project. WMCC start rewards crowdfunding from 26 April 2017 until 30 October 2017. World Mobile Coin (WMCC) is flexible cryptocurrency with approach of new algorithm - Proof of Presence (PoP). WMCC is aiming to be a new leading of the world cryptocurrency. A new concept that will be changing the blockchain work method. Now, most of current cryptocurrencies using PoW or PoS or both that consume too much power. We will use new work method that consume less power or no power. No more power waste, no more expensive hardware.
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