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  • Karen Fuller
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  • %u201CBe it via Soma the Rhino, Penelope the Parrot, Frederick the Flamingo, or Jennetta Blue the Blue Butterfly, readers will find themselves glued to the story till the very end. The book not only handles the topic of poaching, but also blends adventure, magic, suspense, and some good messages together, making it a must-read storybook for all those who love animals and want to address the issue of poaching.%u201D
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  • Thunder, An Elephant's Journey, One Small Elephant on the Journey of His Life
  • Thunder: An Elephant's Journey is a story that will inspire our children for generations to come. Thunder is the tale of a courageous young elephant who journeys to find his mother after being separated from her by greedy poachers.
  • Pensacola, FL, January 12, 2017 - THUNDER: AN ELEPHANT'S JOURNEY

    This heartfelt tale will take it ...
  • January 14, 2017