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Wordrops Information
  • Chiranjeev Sagar
  • Mumbai, India, Mumbai, India
  • Phone: 09820381780
  • URL: http://www.wordrops.com/
  • WordRops An addictive word game with a twist, Wordrops is a fun-filled word play adventure. The gameplay is simple. You just need to sign in and choose your mode of play. If you choose single player, then you are good to begin and be eligible for the prize by topping the Leaderboard.
Wordrops Press Release -


  • WordRops an addictive word game with a twist available on Google Play & iTune Store
  • Wordrops is a best word or letter game for everyone who has an interest in space graphics, as well as language /words related games. It is fast, it is addictive, and most importantly it is fun.
  • A game that not only will keep you entertained but also will also make you think hard- Wordrops is the game for children and adults alike who love to ...
  • January 10, 2017