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  • Barbara Wirtz
  • URL: http://www.wmd.de/
  • In this context, WMD Benelux will demonstrate the functionality of an electronic procurement workflow for outgoing orders that creates a centralized overview of orders. Verification and release of procurement documents are performed using the SAP GUI, a WMD web interface, or integration in the SAP portal. This automated ordering process integrates users who would otherwise be connected to the process only along the paper trail. WMD will also introduce a new archive solution for SAP for storing and retrieving documents via SAP ArchiveLink. This solution is also available as a Web service.
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  • WMD Benelux to Exhibit at the Factuurcongres Rotterdam
  • Technologies for electronic invoice processing, procurement and archiving to be presented.
  • Rotterdam, Netherlands - For invoice processing, the Factuurcongress Rotterdam is among the most important events of its kind in the Netherlands. The ...
  • April 06, 2017