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  • Our celebrities are beautiful and glamorous, they bask in the glitz and sparkle of Hollywood and saunter through life with class and grace. And somehow, amidst all the buzz, they have managed to become immensely successful. But is their success due solely to their looks or their talent or is there something more? Is there something in their personality that we are unable to see that gives them that extra step up, putting them among the stars . . .

    At WhyCeleb.com we collect interviews with celebs. We then process the interviews with our psycholinguistic software. The software analyzes every word found in these interviews. It examines their structures, their meaning, and their relationships, and identifies the issues that evoke the highest emotional intensity. The results grant us a unique peek into the subconscious of these mysterious celebs. We publish this result so you can understand why they make certain career moves, why they act in certain ways, and why they succeed where so many have failed.

    And maybe, just maybe, if you internalize the WhyCeleb lessons, you will also experience some of their incredible success.
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  • Amy Winehouse - Why Is She So Successful? Insights From Her Subconscious
  • Is there more to Amys success than her musical talent? Is it purely her voice, reminiscent of the old days of jazz and blues, a voice that channels the vocal stylings of Aretha Franklin and Etta James? Or is it perhaps her unique image and her controversial lifestyle that draws us to her? A psycholinguistic analysis of Amys words reveals
  • Psycholinguistic analysis: Sam Berel, PhD

    Amy Winehouse is the winner of five Grammy awards including Record and Song of the Year for h ...
  • April 04, 2008