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  • Wentworth M. Johnson
  • Boston, MA
  • Phone: 18005551234
  • URL: http://www.wentworth-m-johnson.com
  • Minette is kidnapped and held for ransom by Malcolm Macbeth. Jimmy confers with Jessica and decides to try duping the bad guy by substituting the diamonds. The criminal, not being stupid substitutes the cat. Jimmy is snatched from the beach in reprisal and a threatening call is made to the castle. The bad guys have no idea what they are up against.
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  • A New Addition to the Bill Reyner Series
  • Wentworth M. Johnson is back with 'Edinburgh Cuckoos,' a thrilling page-turner and the third novel in his Bill Reyner Mystery Adventures series.
  • William Reyner is a private eye who's seen his share of trouble, and paid dearly for it. He's uncovered the truth behind mysterious murders, saved an ...
  • March 12, 2014
  • International Author Releases His New Fantasy Series About Cats And Dragons
  • International author, Wentworth M. Johnson is pleased to announce the release of his new fantasy series, Adventures of Two Special Animals. This series includes the books, A Dual Tale, The Secret Castle of Duncan, and Trouble at Castle Duncan. This series is new, different, exciting and all about two very dissimilar but lovable animals.
  • A Dual Tale
    Author: Wentworth M. Johnson
    Publisher: CreateSpace, I & W Johnson Books
    ISBN: 978-1490320663
    Published: June ...
  • September 24, 2013