Waste Concern comment EU Report which "Says Recycling Essential as Household Waste Increases"

Top Quote Private household waste collection company Waste Concern gave their reaction to a new EU report promoting greater domestic recycling. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) April 08, 2011 - A recent EU report indicated that recycling is a priority, not least of all since household consumption is steadily rising. Private rubbish collection firm Waste Concern proposed to help homes recycle more despite restrictions on local refuse collection arrangements.

    The report was entitled "Supporting the Thematic Strategy on Waste Prevention and Recycling", examining how each country is handling its waste and recycling arrangements. The current volume of waste produced is expected to rise by a further 8% without additional waste prevention policies. However, it is not currently clear how this could be achieved in the UK. Waste Concern gave their comments:

    "We help a lot of our customers manage their recycling. It could be that they need more refuse collection services than their council can provide. Over half the councils in England and Wales are now down to a fortnightly collection. We can collect in between and make sure recyclables are properly separated out so they don't end up in landfill sites. This can mean that people don't have to resort to driving to the tip at the weekend. Time and space pressured families may have to take everything there in mixed bags. Having us collect is an easy solution. They only need to use one of our bins for all their household waste but it still gets properly recycled."

    The report pointed to overall positive trends with recycling across the EU up by 18% since 1995 to 38% in 2008. Energy recovered from waste now accounts for 1.3% of all EU energy production. The figure has increased from 96kg per capita in 2005 to 102kg in 2008. Whilst some countries have ended landfill use, the UK appears to have a pressing need to promote recycling. The issue hit the headlines last summer as the Local Government Association voiced concerns that Britain will run out of landfill space within the decade unless recycling is boosted.

    "In our experience, people are really keen to recycle at home but there can be a number of reasons why they find it difficult in practice. As well as the fortnightly collections, councils may collect recyclables on a different day to the ordinary refuse collection date. People can miss the collection if they forget or are unable to put bins out the night before. They may also be confused by having to separate their waste into many different bins. There have even been cases of people contending with nine different receptacles. We solved all these problems when we opted for our single bin system. We collect whenever our customers want us to and they only need to use one of our bins to put everything in. We then do the recycling for them at the plant. For people with busy family and work lives, that can make a huge difference to how much they recycle".

    Waste Concern provide a single branded wheelie bin to take all household waste, including garden waste. To find out more, the team can be contacted on 0845 450 0535 or visit

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