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Wash Ninja Information
  • Cory Sinclair
  • Jacksonville, FL
  • Phone: 844-927-4529
  • URL: http://www.wash.ninja
  • Wash NinjaŽ is a green-friendly company providing waterless car wash products and premium ECO automotive detailing services.

    Providing a new era of how vehicles are cleaned, Wash NinjaŽ provides zero water waste, a biodegradable wash solution, powerful compact equipment and energy efficient fleet. The organization provides premium automotive care products with optimal protection delivering the finest results. Wash NinjaŽ does more with less resources.

    The Wash Ninja Car Care product line is sold on Amazon and available to auto specialty stores, retailers, and distributors.
Wash Ninja Press Release -


  • Wash Ninja Car Care Products Now Available in Over 100 Countries on Amazon
  • The company continues their green-friendly planet mission to save thousands of gallons of water and restrict wastewater runoff with non-toxic waterless car wash products.
  • Wash NinjaŽ, Masters in Green Car Care, waterless car wash products are now available on Amazon in over 100 countries. The company serves the planet w ...
  • May 15, 2018