Wall Street Refugee Disrupts Silicon Valley Biz Model, Signaling A Big Change On The Valley Horizon

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  • San Francisco, CA (1888PressRelease) April 11, 2014 - Judy Myers, Founder/CEO, the lone female in the social networking space in Silicon Valley, whose social media site, and her VOD, uboomerutv is described as "Facebook meets YouTube/Netflix/Hulu meets Spotify for adults (age 25-65+)".

    Due to the pull back for tech stocks, she has quickly structured a new division for sales superstar stockbrokers and High Frequency Traders, who would be given her private, curated list of over 2,000 private clients, comprised of seasoned Valley investors, looking to change to a newer, profitable business model.

    Her innate sixth sense, has allowed her to predict and capitalize on movements and products that are positioned to change the world. Judy's decision to take action on her new business model, clearly a game changer, while leveraging her companies for an upward spiral.

    Judy is asking those who want this coveted opportunity to join her team, and to immediately send her their resumes with a head shot. Judy plans, at the same time to re-segment the market building for a niche, while maintaining broad personal appeal. She states, "Our main goal is to generate returns for our investors".

    "I am really excited to add fellow Wall Street superstars to my team. I am the first and only one to integrate Hollywood, Wall Street and the Valley. In my heart, I never really left Wall Street. My main Wall Street contact and team member, has been with former boss at Bear Stearns, former Chairman of Bear Stearns, Alan "Ace" Greenberg, presently VP Emeritus of Securities at JP Morgan".

    Judy begins her day by reading online 6 newspapers, watches "Bloomberg West" and "Power Lunch", just to stay current on the global financial climate. She recognizes, a huge shift within the operations of the New York Stock Exchange, particularly with the new group of High Frequency Traders/aka momentum traders, explained in Michael Lewis's book "Flash Boys". She states, these facts are indisputable and I intend to grab the brass ring first."

    Our journalist wanted to know how Judy came up with the idea. She replied, "When I started to raise money for my company, I noticed that my Wall Street mind set was vastly different from the Valley mind-set/culture. They had an academic model taking the place of business and life experience.

    Their "formula" is; measure this, check that box, how many users do you have, what is your scalability,(below 200 million-not interested), and you're done. But it never looks like that on the ground. Their academic mind set are scared of my formula. They want to believe it's just X's and O's", but you can't always learn everything in school. My 12 years on Wall Street working as a floater/assistant, for the top 10 Executives at Bear Stearns gives me Wall Street cred.

    One only has to look at last week and this week's tech stocks tanking, to understand that my new biz model is the wave of the future".

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