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  • Charles Walker
  • 1111 Constitutional Avenue, Washington DC
  • Phone: (202) 821 4748
  • URL: http://www.wahrburgmoss.com
  • At Wahrburg Moss our attorneys work across multiple disciplines and bring their wealth of experience to different aspects of the law.

    This allows us to keep abreast of the ever changing legal landscape as well as keep on top of all legislation changes, to better serve our clients.

    As well as Liquidations, Foreclosures and escrow services, we can also advise you on the following legal matters:

    %u2022 Antitrust
    %u2022 Bankruptcy
    %u2022 Commercial litigation
    %u2022 Corporate law
    %u2022 Intellectual property
    %u2022 Real estate
    %u2022 Securities
    %u2022 Tax law
    %u2022 Trust & estates

    If you would like to arrange a consultation with one of our Attorneys in regard to any of the mentioned legal issues, please contact us via our website.
Wahrburg Moss Press Release -


  • The Brentwood Group Limited Finally Forced Into Liquidation By Sec
  • It is confirmed that Washington D.C. based legal firm Wahrburg Moss, headed by partner Attorney Joseph Wahrburg, will be appointed to assist with the liquidation process and the disbursement of funds of all client's of the accused.
  • Washington D.C. - The Securities and Exchange Commission today ordered the involuntary liquidation of The Brentwood Group Ltd., the multi-million doll ...
  • June 06, 2012