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  • Maja Koeberl
  • URL: http://www.voxos.co
  • By creating a pair of (sun)glasses with integrated bone conduction technologies, users will have access to their music and information at all times without being disconnected from their surroundings when compared to inear plugin headsets. Voxos connects with the smartphone via Bluetooth and transfers information, notifications, favorite songs via bone conduction to the brain without blocking the hearing ability allowing the user to hear the traffic and avoid dangerous situations which occur all the time across the globe.
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  • The new device that combines headphones and glasses into one smart product to play sound…through your bones
  • Voxos is a forward-thinking company that exemplifies the aforementioned trends in the technology industry, pioneering a smart glasses design. This device combines headphones and glasses into one single thing, enabling users to play sounds through their bones with phenomenal technology.
  • How does it work? This unique product has integrated bone conduction technologies, which enable users to access anything from music and entertainment ...
  • February 24, 2018