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  • Jennifer Fencl
  • Am Belvedere, 4
  • Phone: 068184977312
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  • We produce Disinfection Nebulizers and Chemicals. The most compact and powerful diffuser/ fogger that is designed with turbine powerful motor. VirusJet delivers dry mist which covers from 10 to 1,000 m3 area including unreachable areas. Engineered with patent nozzle that delivers fine particles with unique diffusion principle, without making surface wet.
    Our device is designed to cover environment in hospital, average hotel & care rooms within 2 mins, airlines and narrow body aircraft in just 12 mins. The VirusJet ensures that factories are disinfected effectively.
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  • Virusjet Announces Unmanned Disinfection Device
  • The world has been sick since the pandemic outbreak in February 2020, and so it is in dire need of a messiah from the hands of the life-wiping Covid-19 virus. This understood, health and environment inventors alongside concerned entities who fancy the protection of lives against infections have prioritized human safety amidst the global disaster. People, companies and public establishments like t
  • Virusjet has shown relentlessness in its inventiveness and innovative desires to attain groundbreaking victory against the recent infamous pandemic ou ...
  • November 20, 2020