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  • During Coronavirus pandemic, ViridisChem, Inc. is offering a FREE one month subscription for its flagship product
  • Due to coronavirus pandemic, community lock-downs and work-from-home challenges are forcing biotech companies to find news to keep their R&D efforts going and motivating their scientists to find new ways to get the critical information they need. To help this situation, ViridisChem, Inc. San Jose, CA is offering a FREE ONE MONTH SUBSCRIPTION for its flagship product “Chemical Analyzer".
  • The coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic is claiming many lives, impacting the health of close to 5 million people with 324,000 deaths worldwide. As an “u ...
  • May 24, 2020
  • ViridisChem, Inc. announces the key member of Advisory board Dr. David Constable
  • ViridisChem, Inc. San Jose, CA is excited to welcome Dr. David Constable, a well-respected scientist and industry expert in the field of green chemistry, as a Technical Advisor to guide through the development of company's portfolio of software products.
  • ViridisChem, Inc. a software company located in San Jose, CA is a dynamic new company built with a mission to provide software solutions to help scien ...
  • July 27, 2015