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Vichar Sanstha Information
  • Akanksha Malaiya
  • Vichar Karyalaya, Old State Bank Building, Varni Colony, Sagar
  • Phone: 9165422888
  • URL:
  • NGO working for the overall development of Sagar city. Our Latest event is-
    World's Longest Tricolour Human Chain: Initiative by Vichar Sanstha and Meri Shaan Tiranga

    In the year when India completes 70 years as a Republic and Vichar Sanstha completes 17 years of social service, a 17 km long tricolor human change will be created by the people of Sagar city. This event is inspired by the movement 'Meri Shaan Tiranga'. This 'Tiranga Manav shrinkhala will involve 31,000 people who will hold the tri-colours of the Indian flag which will unveil from two sides until the two sides meet in the middle to form the world's longest human chain.
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