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  • VQ Tech specializes in development of ASICs and GPU with 16nm, 10nm, and 7nm technology. In March 2019 our company announced the world's first hybrid miner powered by autonomous immersion cooling system VQ-EMC H1, equipped with 7nm and 10nm GPU / FPGA chips with a total power of 1850 M/H in Ether equivalent with an amazing energy efficiency rating of up to 800w. Vanquisch Technologies is the first company in the world, which sells equipment under contract to customers. Special software was created to implement this process. Algorithms for the interaction of hardware, software, and pool were changed. The main synchronization process is specially assigned to the VQ server, which eliminates the
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  • Vanquisch Technologies opens new era of mining equipment. Hymera H1 another mining philosophy
  • Vanquisch Technologies is ready to announce Hymera H1 their flagship product, that has already changed all the generally accepted rules. This miner is equipped with a new generation of immersion cooling system. Bitstreams, developed by Vanquisch Team in tandem with FPGAs provide incredible processing power, which has no similar analogs in the world.
  • Vanquisch Technologies Corporation is a privately held, conglomerate that includes fabless semiconductors companies. Originated in 2017 in California, ...
  • November 04, 2019