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Valnico By Genius Information
  • Diego Dubbini
  • via E. Fermi 33
  • Phone: 0717108897
  • URL:
  • Valnico is an Italian and European leader in the manufacture of coffins, urns and cremation. We carry items and accessories for pumps and funeral undertakers in the Marche, Italy and world. Please visit our website:
Valnico By Genius Press Release -

  • Valnico announces great novelties for Tanexpo 2012
  • The Valnico Group announces a major innovation of the coffin, already patented, which will revolutionize the traditional view of the same. The novelty will be presented at the Tanexpo 2012.
  • Paolo Recanatini is a young and dynamic enterprising businessman who leads Valnico Group. At the moment he does not reveal the great news the company ...
  • December 28, 2011