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  • About GPS Tracking Specialists LLC
    GPS Tracking Specialists (GTS) is a Global Positioning System (GPS) software manufacturer specializing in hosting a network that can track assets and people anywhere, anytime. Use the GTS-WebCore, a Web-based GPS asset tracking solution, to locate and track all the things that are important to you including teen drivers, family members, employees, fleets, equipment and shipments. Use the GTS-MobileCore through a Blackberry, iPhone, or internet enabled Smartphone as an easy way to track assets while in the field. The easy to use on-line interface makes it simple for you to manage various tasks from setting up speed alerts notifications to Geofence boundari
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  • USGlobalSat Inc., New Product Announcement The USB BU-353-S4
  • The new BU-353-S4 USB GPS receiver offers users the ability to receive GPS data via there USB port on there Windows, Apple, or Linux computer with a new more powerful SiRF IV Chipset in a familiar form factor.
  • The BU-353-S4 is a USB GPS receiver that features a highly sensitive, low power consumption chipset in a ultra compact form factor. The BU-353-S4 is p ...
  • August 08, 2012
  • The GlobalSat BU-353-W USB GPS Receiver is Headed for End of Life in Q4 2012
  • The USGlobalSat BU-353-W USB GPS receiver that set the standard for all USB GPS receivers is headed for EOL in Q4 2012. The USGlobalSat BU-353-W will be succeeded by the the new USGlobalsat BU-353-S4 which contains the new SiRF IV GPS chipset.
  • USGlobalSat Inc., an industry leader in GPS technology, today announced the E.O.L. roadmap for the BU-353-W USB GPS receiver.

    USGlobal ...
  • July 17, 2012