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  • 1617 jfk Blvd Suite 889, Philadelphia
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  • Our mission is very simple - provide straight forward advice and never give false hope. We listen to our clients as they describe their individual situations and we then give our opinion on whether we can help or not.

    Us Mortgage Mod’s Vice president of the consumer fulfillment center Paul Reilly 3rd adds, " The biggest difference between a loan modified by a consumer themselves or through their lender, is when they are contacting the lender, they are making the inquiry to see “what can the lender do” as though they are asking the lender for a favor. With attorney structured negotiations through our due diligence process we re-under write the file.
    US Mortgage Mod can be reached toll free at 866-859-8674
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    US Mortgage Mod, LLC
    1617 JFK Blvd Suite 889
    Philadelphia, PA 19103 866-859-8764
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  • US Mortgage Mod recgonized as industry leader in mortgage modification
  • US Mortgage Mod, LLC works hard to overcome dishonest and inexperienced practices in the mortgage modification industry. For 2008, nearly a third of borrowers who received modifications saw their monthly mortgage payments increase. Why you ask? Simple, because banks are out to make money, this is a plain and simple fact. A lender will roll the missed payments back into the loan balance. A way t
  • After months of investigation into private loan modification companies I have discovered quite a lot of interesting facts. During this time I have i ...
  • April 12, 2009