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  • The first HFA-DDRR model and 'Post-Disaster's Epidemiological Susceptibility & Pandemic Outbreaks (DESPO) assessment appraisals have been prepared by UNESCO Adjoined SAARC-HFA Committee and SAIRI's research collaboration with the UNESCO chair for watershed management, at PU, Pakistan.

    Two web-porticos www. unesco-isdr-saarc.org and www.unesco-saarc-drr.org have been designated for ISDR content dissemination, concerning the SAARC sector's DRR and Hyogo Framework of Action 2005-2015.
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  • Commemoration of the United Nations IDDR by UNESCO-SAARC Academic Alliance Highlights Neglected Measures
  • Historic Launch of 'DRR Deca-archic Model' & Post-DESPO Appraisal by SAIRI Research Initiative, indicates strategic flaws in DRR frameworks and entails technical aspects of disasters' aftermath consequences of epidemiological vulnerabilities and predispositions.
  • Lahore, Pakistan - The International Day for Disaster Reduction started in 1989 with the approval by the United Nations General Assembly. The UN Gener ...
  • October 17, 2014