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  • Jeremy
  • 360 Langton St, San Francisco, CA
  • Phone: 844-248-5432
  • URL: http://www.ubiome.com
  • uBiome is a citizen science startup that sequences the human microbiome. As the first and largest successful crowdsourced citizen science project in history, we allow the public access to cutting edge sequencing technology and are building a data platform to gather, analyze, and translate data about the human microbiome.

    We have developed the first sequencing-based, clinical microbiome tests and are committed to empowering patients and their healthcare providers to understand and take greater control of their health. We provide actionable insights and information to help foster understanding about the microbiome and the role it plays in health and wellness.
Ubiome Inc. Press Release -


  • uBiome Announces $83 Million Series C Financing
  • uBiome Will Expand World’s Largest Human Microbiome Database and Advance Product Portfolio, Including Drug Discovery & Development.
  • uBiome, the leader in microbial genomics, today announced the Company has raised $83 million in Series C financing. OS Fund led the round, with partic ...
  • December 23, 2018