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  • 7, Fausermillen
  • Phone: 352 26705 90
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  • TUOMI is a well-established systems house based in Luxembourg, specialising in software development, IT applications, network technology and IT security. Since the company was founded in 1995, we have developed from IT service providers to specialists in cloud computing and experts in the design and implementation of applications in the field of NFC technology. For more Visit http://tuomi.world
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  • TUOMI acquires TagAge, a leading online portal for NFC products and services
  • Mertert, Grevenmacher TUOMI acquires the NFC division of Hansaprint Oy. The tagage.net online portal, was set up by Hansaprint in 2009, is an important online platform for NFC products. For TUOMI, this acquisition is a major step forward in developing an international marketplace for NFC products.
  • TagAge is a leading international brand for NFC stickers, print integration and NFC pro-gramming solutions. As one of the first portals to operate at ...
  • June 19, 2015