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  • Lauren Durso
  • 1460 Norwood Ave
  • Phone: 7072177986
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  • Tundalaya is the parent company of dairy free beverage brand, Coconut Cloud. Coconut Cloud was founded in 2016 and produces an extensive collection of dairy free, vegan, and allergy friendly beverages including coffee creamers, cocoas, coffees, frappes, and instant lattes.
Tundalaya Press Release -

  • Coconut Cloud Adds 6 New Products to Their Growing Line of Dairy-Free Coffees, Creamers, Cocoas, and Lattes
  • Growing dairy-free brand, Coconut Cloud, announces the launch of 6 new innovative dairy free beverages. This is Coconut Cloud's first release of a coffee collection along with a cold-beverage option, all made with premium dried coconut milk powder. This extension demonstrates Coconut Cloud's focus to continuously innovate the dairy free beverage category.
  • Coconut Cloud’s New Products Make the Dairy-Free Life a Little Easier (and more delicious!).

    Coconut Cloud, a woman-owned business spec ...
  • November 18, 2020